LED Strip Lighting Versions That Offer Flexibility and Power

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An LED strip lighting, also known as an LED light, is an inexpensive, flat, touch-sensitive circuit board loaded with surface-mounted light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs and various other components, which usually come with a plastic adhesive backing. Traditionally, LED strips were used primarily in accent and task lighting applications, backlighting, and general lighting applications. With the increased use of LED lights in residential applications, manufacturers have developed different variations of strip lighting to meet the needs of different home applications, including accent lighting. The application and design options available with today’s LED strip lights allow for greater design flexibility, convenience, reliability, and value.


One popular application is for use in spot lighting. The maximum run time is typically three hours; a typical LED light strip can last up to five hours on a single 12v outlet, providing bright, clear, even lighting for the space where it is installed. The longer expected life of an LED light strip, the lower the cost per square foot it will cost to operate the lighting system over its expected life. Because of this, manufacturers of LED light strips provide a ninety-day money back guarantee, giving consumers the peace of mind that purchasing a less expensive unit will provide adequate light for their intended applications, or if not, providing the option to return the item and receive a full refund.


Another widely used type of LED strip lighting is the flex strips. Flex strips are manufactured using a two-sided tape with plastic connectors on both sides. When the flex bends, it is snapped together and then plugged into an outlet. This design provides the longest possible lifespan, providing bright, clear, and consistent illumination for longer periods of time, as well as providing an adjustable level of brightness for more flexible mounting and placement options.…