The Growing Importance of Sprout Social for Merchants

Amazon has recently announced the acquisition of Sprout Social, a company that helps business owners create compelling product reviews. Amazon will be taking full control of Sprout Social and will be integrating the two companies’ content into one single platform. Amazon will also be publishing Sprout Social’s ASIN database, meaning that existing customers of Sprout Social will be able to instantly purchase ASIN number based on the reviews written by other Sprout Social customers. The purchase of these numbers is the primary mechanism of making money from Sprout Social, as it allows businesses to sell more products to individuals who don’t know much about the product, but are willing to spend their money. The ability for consumers to instantly purchase items will take away the hassle of going from store to store or spending hours on the phone trying to find the perfect product. Read More –

The Power of Amazon A+ Content

Amazon has made it clear that they want to build a better understanding and appreciation for their customers, and this is just the beginning. In order to do this, Amazon is changing the way in which they sell products by adding more detailed product features. It is also hoping to eliminate the need for business owners to continuously write product reviews as the information they contain can already be found by using Sprout Social’s platform. As well as making buying easier, Amazon is hoping to provide its customers with a better shopping experience by improving the design and user experience of their interface, including simplifying the creation of product reviews.

Amazon has become a very strong competitor in the e-commerce market and is now serious about competing with its closest competitors both in terms of brand recognition and in terms of product features and customer experience. The addition of Sprout Social to its platform will allow sellers to easily communicate with their customers in an organised and cohesive manner. This will enable them to expand their customer base, while concurrently ensuring that their competition does not get an upper hand on any future growth. In a world where customer loyalty and engagement are becoming ever more important, it is vital for businesses to develop strategies that ensure they create customer value before they expand their business. With features such as Amazon A+ content and Sprout Social, this is exactly what business owners need in order to gain a competitive advantage and to ensure that their customers remain loyal.