A Look Into a Showcase IDX Review

Showcase IDX is an editor’s choice for the best IDX plugin for WordPress for your blog. The platform is perfect for agents, groups, and firms, to generate leads, increase their sites visibility, and stand apart from their competitors. It’s been used by thousands of realtors around the globe and the features it offers are very easy to use. You just need to learn how to install it in your blog and start generating leads, which should be a cinch.

The Philosophy Of A Look Into A Showcase Idx Review

This showcase is a great feature for property search plugin for agents because it generates unlimited number of hot sheets on your blog. The number of hot sheets you can have will depend on the number of active members in your community. If you want to get more information on how to start or expand your community, then this hot sheets option is for you.

Another great feature of this showcase is that you can have multiple listings on one page, which is possible with other CRM tools available today. Hot sheets allow brokers to display all their listings, contact information, photos, pricing information, maps, properties for sale, open houses, notes, calendars, email address, contact form, and all the other usual fields. The downside of using hot sheets is that you cannot customize the template, so the information displayed will look similar with other agents. So if you are planning to use this as your CRM tool, make sure that the layout of your listings will be something different from other listings, otherwise your listings won’t be very unique.

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