Best Mobile Games Online Free of Cost

Gramno is one of the best mobile games online free of cost. It is a puzzle, which requires the user to put together the pieces by picking and placing them in correct locations. Once you complete one section of the puzzle, you will be asked to move on to the next section of the board and so on. Gramno can be played easily by a single player or by playing with two or more players simultaneously. The user controls the movement of the character by clicking on the left or right mouse button.

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Crossy Road is another one of the best mobile games online free of cost, where you have to select the tile and place it in the chosen location. You have to use the bombs and also the other tools like lever, and saw etc to cut and carve the tile. The main aim of the game is that you should not eliminate any tile even if it means that you are going to eliminate any life. This game comes under the category of arcade games and has several popular arcade versions like Crazy Taxi, Gunstar, Marble madness etc.

Another very famous game is called Doodle Jump, in which you have to launch an unlimited number of balloons using only the stylus. The balloons you have to launch are randomly thrown using the mouse and you have to make them go up as high as possible. To play this game you have to enter three starting squares, which are red, blue or yellow in color. The balloons start floating randomly and you have to eliminate all the platforms in the given number of jumps. To conclude, we find that the mobile games online free of cost are indeed a great option for people who love gaming and enjoy fun filled activities on the mobile devices.