Fun Hair Cuts For Kids

hair cut for kids

Many times during the summer months, my kids and I are out and about and we see the various places that cater to hair cuts for kids. The kids tend to ask to have their hair cut or simply ask if we can do it. I enjoy being able to provide them with a fun and interesting activity that let us spend some quality time with them. It also allows us to let them come with me to get their hair cut and styles from a local barber or beautician.


This past summer, as I was preparing to take my children out for the day, I knew that I wanted my kids to be able to enjoy the day going outside with me rather than sitting inside in the front yard eating popcorn and playing games. I also knew that I didn’t want my kids to be walking around with their hair cut or at least not the way that I had instructed them to. So I went out of my way to find a fun and creative activity that would allow us to get our kids in the chair and do something fun that they will remember for a long time to come. After doing some online research, I found that there are a ton of different activities for kids to do at home. Most of them require some sort of a product like tweezers or a pair of scissors but some are just a straight forward pair of scissors and a toy.


After finding a couple of these fun activities, I brought my kids with me to the local barber shop to pick out their hair cut. Once they were done, I asked each of them to take a picture of themselves with their new “best friend” and email them to me. I then have them make a collage of the pictures that I have taken. Then, we took all of the pictures and compiled into a small poster that we can hang on the door. This gave us a fun activity that my kids enjoyed, was fun for them, and most importantly it gave us a memory that we could be able to look back on fondly years down the road. When you get the chance, check out some ideas for fun hair cuts for kids.

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