Fungal Nail Treatment – Get Rid of That Embarrassing Nail Disease

Toenail fungal infection is also known as onychomycosis, which means “onychomycete”. Fungal infections are usually caused by a type of fungus called dermatophytes which is typically found on the skin’s outer layer, but can also infect nails and hair. Onychomycotic fungi are able to cause considerable damage to the nerves and root structures of your toenails. This makes it crucial to treat onychomycosis infections with a professional fungal nail treatment | Protect Air.

Fungal Nail Treatment – Get Rid of That Embarrassing Nail Disease

A fungal nail treatment needs to kill the infectious organisms, remove their roots and prevent any re-infection from occurring. There are several effective ways to kill fungal nail infections such as through the application of chemicals, enzymes, physical removal or surgical exclusion. The application of chemicals such as acids or ultraviolet light is quite effective in penetrating the surface and killing the infectious organisms. Antifungals such as clindamycin or terbinafine are also available and can effectively kill the microorganism responsible for the infection. Physical removal includes surgical excision and stretching of the affected nail plate, which will hopefully allow the infection’s toxins to be removed and/or eliminated.

Toe nail fungus treatments can be performed by both a medical professional and at home using over the counter topical products (such as nail polish remover) or antifungals. Although fungal nail treatment is relatively simple, it is important that you seek medical treatment immediately following an infection to prevent further fungal infection. If you think that you have a fungal infection, you should consult with your physician to determine the best course of action to clear up the infection and prevent it from coming back.

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