Global Talent Stream

Global Talent Stream is a Canadian initiative designed to address the growing gap between the supply and demand of skilled labour in Canada. The program targets both gaps in talent and skills. It has the ability to link immigrants with potential employers across Canada. Unlike the system of skilled worker recruitment, Global Talent Stream does not limit potential employers to specific regions or countries. Rather, it extends its scope to any country of choice. In effect, this talent-matching system allows skilled individuals from around the world to find work in Canada by matching their skills with Canadians looking for work. Useful website –

A New Policy For Canadian Immigration

Global Talent Stream was introduced in July 2021. It was initially influenced by the bilateral cooperation between Immigration, Employment and Social Development Canada(ISD) and Employment and Social Development Canada(ESDC). Apart, from, CIC Global Talent Stream also facilitates immigration, settlement and reunification of temporary foreign workers through the employment front. Apart, from providing temporary foreign worker(TFP) workers with work permits, CIC Global also ensures that these workers acquire all the rights and benefits provided to Canadian citizens.

This service is being offered free of cost to eligible foreign nationals. Immigrants and their dependent families are eligible to avail the service. The service is open to persons having a valid work permits as well as Canadian citizens having permanent resident status in Canada. Those eligible for the service need to fill the online application form. After submission of the form, an assessment is done on the applicant and his or her eligibility and suitability to avail the global talent pool in Canada.

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