How to Get High With THC Lean

There are several differences between thc lean and codeine lean. THC lean is used both for medicinal and recreational purposes, while codeine lean is much more dangerous and can lead to overdose or hospitalization. The best way to take THC lean is by sprinkling it over a soft drink.

What can you use it for?

The effects of THC syrup are very different from those of marijuana, which is why it has been marketed as a safer alternative. The drink is commonly known as “lean” and is often made by a dealer who mixes it with soda and a few drops of Codeine. It is popular with rap musicians, but it is not without controversy.

Those who are looking for an easy way to get high will enjoy THC lean syrup. It contains 1000 mg of pure THC and is made from quality grade cannabis extracts. It is also ideal for battling insomnia and relaxing. Mix it with your favorite soda to get a quick rush of the effects of THC. While it takes about an hour to take effect, you should drink responsibly and don’t mix it with alcohol or other substances.

Those who are concerned about the dangers of THC syrup should consult a medical practitioner before using it. Although THC syrup is a safe alternative to leanin, it can be too strong for some people. It is best to start with small amounts and gradually increase your intake over time.

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