Konica Minolta Accurai Digital Camera Review

Konica Minolta Accurai Digital Camera Review

The Konica Minolta Accurio accuriopress-c14000 FTG Australia digital camera is the first of its kind to be equipped with a motion-activated White Dot Camera. This camera is equipped with the technology of an Infrared LED. The sensor detects light and motion, which causes the camera to switch to a white dot mode. This helps to prevent interference from other light sources, such as the sun or other surfaces.


The camera has many new features as well. It can be paired with the optional USB decal reader for use with Microsoft Word applications. The built in Wacom digitizer enables photos to be taken directly on the display. The viewfinder has magnification and auto focus capabilities.


The Accurao PZD Minolta has a one year limited warranty. In addition, the standard warranty period for this product is two years. When deciding on a digital camera, the consumer must make sure that the camera will meet the users needs and be able to provide quality images.

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