Oxford Gold Group Review

If you are looking for an investment company that will provide you with a high level of service, you should check out Oxford Gold Group. Although this company may look perfect at first glance, it has a shady history. Read on to learn about Oxford Gold Group review and whether it’s the right option for your investment needs. They have been around for a while now, and their history has a good reputation. Here is a review of the firm.

It’s The Right Option For Your Investment Needs

When it comes to fees, you can expect to pay between $75 and $225 a year for storage. The good news is that this fee is often rebated after a certain number of years. Buying and selling precious metals with Oxford Gold is not free, however. It requires a minimum purchase of $7,500 in an IRA and $1,500 outside of an IRA. However, the firm does have a no-fee liquidation program that could help you make more money.

Despite its reputation, the Oxford Gold Group is a trusted and reputable company in the precious metals industry. Its staff members have over twenty years of experience and are committed to the best customer service. In addition to its investment services, the company provides self-directed gold IRAs and silver IRAs, as well as a number of educational resources. You can use these resources to make an informed decision about investing with the Oxford Gold Group.

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