Sydney Cavoodles

“Cavoodles” is pronounced as “kah-voh-deez”, and according to some sources, the first Cavoodle was registered at the Australian National Kennel Club (ANKC) on 25th December 1924. According to the Australian Dog Register, the first registered male with the designation of “Cavodyl” was given to John Beverley. John Beverley had taken the pains to register his dog with the ANKC so as to be assured of a future sale, but unfortunately, he died two years later. Since then, various other names have been used for this breed including “Cavodyl” and “Cavoella”. The Australian Dog Register lists the purebred sire as “Cavoodlella saccharina le Coshizzle” and the dam as “Cavodylla japonica”.Read More – more info

How to know about Sydney Cavoodles

This distinctive Australian toy breed was first bred at the Royal Australian Veterinary University (RADU) at Sydney, Australia, in 1965 by Dr. William Mulcahy. In these years, the demand for these dogs from owners around the world has grown tremendously. Currently, there are more than thirteen thousand purebred cavoodles spread all around the world. The unique features and characteristics of these dogs make them attractive additions to any family.

Australian cavoodles resemble the smaller sized poodle and are lighter in color, coming in colors like tan, black, chestnut, grey, brown and tan. They have medium-length coats, wavy or curly hair, big floppy ears, round paws and an under bite. Because of their size and adorable appearance, these dogs are known as Sydney poodle. Although their coats tend to be long and silky, they can be brushed regularly to keep them free of tangles. The Australian dog is very intelligent, with a disposition towards children that is even described as gentle and amiable.

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