Want to Work in an Animated Studio in Singapore?

An animation studio in Singapore is your ideal place if you want to be an active member of the creative industry. This vibrant country in Southeast Asia is an ideal place for animation fans as the animation industry here offers a wide variety of opportunities for people with all forms of skills. From freelance animation artists to animators, from computer animation and 3D animation to movie special effects – animation in Singapore is on the rise. Here you can indulge in an array of activities that will help you realize your animation dreams. Useful websites.

Want to Work in an Animated Studio in Singapore?

Animation Studio Singapore is a small non-profit organization that offers specialized financial and technical support to the creation of cartoon motion graphic content. With an ever growing community of more than 1000 members, this animation studio is set to be a leader in the animation industry in the whole of Asia. Members can access training resources and join online discussions related to animation courses. Through these websites you can also share animation news and learn about the latest animation projects in the country. Members can also make friends with people in the animation industry through the various networking sites in Singapore like Facebook.

Animation Studio in Singapore aims to bring together aspiring artists and professionals to share their work experiences and gain vital feedback. The artists can find information about animation courses, art and creative techniques through blogs, message boards and community forums. On the other hand, professionals can post job advertisements and send their resumes to prospective clients. The company provides dedicated executive and marketing teams to handle customer queries, project proposals, and interviews. The animation studio in Singapore has been able to scale up its operations over the past few years and currently boasts of well-trained executives and artists, highly skilled computer and animation technology and experienced staff.

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