Warehouse Flooring Choices

There are two ideal flooring choices for warehouse floors: epoxy and concrete. When considering the most cost effective commercial warehouse flooring product, concrete often comes to mind. While it is long lasting and cost effective, the main problem with untreated concrete is its porousness. Click Here – warehouse-flooring.co.uk/

Warehouse Flooring For Value For Your Money

Concrete warehouse floors are expensive because of the high cost of labor to install the concrete. In addition, concrete is heavy which requires extensive warehouse facilities and transportation costs to move the heavy loads. To add to the woes, heavy trucks travel over the same roads you use to bring your products into the warehouse, meaning the roads become hazardous and even unsafe for employees. Add the cost of employing warehousing staff to cover the roads and you’ll soon see why you’d rather go with heavier options like heavy-duty flooring instead.

Epoxy and natural stone are less expensive options for your warehouse flooring. While epoxies are highly durable, they are prone to staining, especially if in a hot, moist environment, like a loading dock or a factory floor. Stone is naturally more durable, but it does take more maintenance. And though both are durable, epoxy finishes last longer and can be sealed to keep moisture out, protecting your floors from stains.

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